Potatoes should be stored in a cool place. We recommend a temperature of between 8 and 12 degrees celcius if you are only keeping the potatoes for a week or so.

You can manage this by placing an oil filled heater in the room connected to a thermostat.

Off floor and walls

Potatoes should be stacked on a palette, preferably a plastic or stainless steel one.  This means you can easily clean under the palette.

Potatoes sacks should be stacked no more than six high to prevent damage.

When being delivered the sacks should be gently placed down to prevent bruising.

The potatoes should be kept away from external walls to further protect against the cold. You can batten out the walls to  stop them coming into contact.


The room the potatoes are stored in should be kept dark to stop the potatoes going green.  It is best practice to have a PIR movement sensor to switch the light on when you enter the room